Why Elsetrip?

Because we love people and we love travel, we bring guest houses, things to do and places to visit in the same place. So we wish you "Welcome to Elsetrip, your travel guide with passion and purpose!"

Elsetrip promotes hosts to a high level of quality out of respect for their work. We help tourists to easily choose a destination, to travel beautifully and live the experiences to the fullest.

We call ourselves Elsetrip because we are different in image and vision in terms of travel. We believe that traveling does not mean buying services, but reconnecting to life, making friends and always learning something new from others. We urge everyone to travel with this attitude and try to make new friends in every area visited. And wherever you go, go with all your heart.

The Elsetrip platform provides a system that makes possible a very simple communication between service providers and tourists. The tourist can plan his vacation very easily and the hosts can manage their own reservations and income.

We contribute to the development of less visited areas by highlighting the units or experiences that can be lived in these places and we will promote them free of charge for an indefinite period if they contribute to the development or material well-being of the community.

At the base of our activity is a very well defined set of values: respect for the work of others, quality, sincere communication, teamwork, discipline and empathy.

We expand our services to occupy a central place in the daily lives of our customers, whom we call friends. And we are confident that together with you we will build a platform that will contribute to mutual respect between people from different cultures and to the joy of hosting or traveling.

Do you find yourself in our goals? Come to the Elsetrip family!





Our Goals

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We set concrete goals for the next 5 years.

In the first two years we want to turn Elsetrip resources into "fuel" for those we will work with and aim to reach 10,000 registered users, who in turn will contribute to local development or material well-being.

In the third and fourth years we intend to make Elsetrip a name that will be talked about internationally.

In the fifth year we will continue the work, to have 1 million active users who will benefit from Elsetrip services. And of course, then the goals for the next years will be set.

The Elsetrip platform was launched on September 1, 2020, with zero users. But we believe we will achieve our goals.

Focusing on our customers' needs and solving their problems - whether they are accommodation, experience providers or tourists - will ultimately lead to the best results for our business as well.


A graduate in tourism, Anca Ichim uses her acquired knowledge to develop the Elsetrip platform. It aims to come up with concrete answers to the needs of tourism service providers, so that they benefit from effective promotion tools.



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